Monday, December 24, 2007

Over the River and....oops!

So we are up in Okieland and having a wonderful time. Future DIL and I having a blast with the pre Christmas sales. Ripping of presents ensues in the morning, but got to tell you how we got here. Or, almost didn't get here.
First leg of the journey the dog and I made to Granbury. Hubs figured he wasn't getting lucky that night because I busted the most brilliant move of slamming the top of my head into an Ibeam. He convinced me to go to the ER, but checked out without treatment when the nurse triaging me said it looked like the skin was coming together real well and they would probably only put a couple of staples in. They were busy as all get out there so I didn't relish sitting in the waiting room for hours. No concussion and it scabbed over quickly....about a 2 inch gash. Was going to get my hair highlighted next week, but guess that is on hold for a while.
Cubedog: DOH!
Then we get on the road the next morning. I will have to post pictures of the Christmasy white out we got into. Wasn't so bad until driving down the highway in Tulsa after the sun was setting and tried to change lanes. Well, we changed lanes alright and almost changed pants afterword. Hub's training in the Rockies came in handy when we fishtailed, then slid towards the barrier between us and oncoming traffic.....which oncoming traffic became a different thing when we did a circle in the middle of the highway and came to a stop facing back the way we came. I don't know how...except angels guarding us....that we didn't get hit by cars behind us that became cars in front of us. Yeah, I remember all too well what that looks like. Something you never forget.
Ott: Don't think I will ever forget that for sure.
Real bummer was the whole time our world was slinging about and spinning around, I was going "shit.......shit......shit....." After we got on our way, hubs said "Thank you Jesus". I felt like a heel cuz I should have been the first one to say that instead of "shit". Cubedog: I am soooo glad to hear that you are still human. I swear, if you become one of those "I hammered my thumb=Praise the Lord" types....I may just have to stop blogging. And I'll just stop talking to you if you decide to become a preacher when you're 70.
Otter: Huh? You come up with some weird ideas sometimes
At least a half hour later we finally quit shaking. Just in time to do a 20mph crawl for the next hour.
well...they want me off the puter. Merry Christmas! Luv ya! Cubedog: Love you ,too.

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